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Aesthetic look of treatment system

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Bio diversity at one of the ecologically restored lakes

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Ecologically restored Ahar river

Soil Scape Filters

STP for Industry - the Soil Scape Filter in action

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Designing and Consultation

    1. STPs, ETPs, C- ETPs, solid waste management based on the conventional, advanced and ecotechnological principles

Concept papers, Feasibility reports and DPRs for industrial areas, communities

  1. Integrated Water Resources Management Programme – related to Rainwater Harvesting and Recycling of Wastewater with regular water supply

For the industrial and infrastructural projects in pre-establishment or operational phase; For residential and commercial areas

  1. River and Lake Pollution Control

Designing of low cost but effective ecotechnological treatment, SPOT Ecoremediation

Environmental surveys

  1. Site surveys related to environmental issues – evaluation of present environmental set up and identification, prediction, projection of impacts

In the planning stage of the project (s) – before setting up of the facility, Environment Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA), Environmental & Social Assessment (ESA)


  1. Mandatory Environmental Status Report (ESR)

For the pollution generating industries; ESR to be submitted State Pollution Control Board 30th Sept. every year

  1. Self improvement audits

Water audit, Waste Audit, Energy Audit, Safety Audit as per Hazardous Waste Rules

Training / Guidance

  1. Guidance for the in-house or public testing laboratory; training for lab QMS; EMS – ISO14001
  1. Training in environmental issues and aspects
  1. The course modules are tailored as per the requirements of organization



Supply of Ecofert – biologically active material

For the treatment of liquid and solid wastes

Supply of various microbial cultures – aerobic and anaerobic

Specialized cultures for aeration tanks and anaerobic digesters; Specialized cultures for the treatment of an array of chemical wastes