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Aesthetic look of treatment system

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Bio diversity at one of the ecologically restored lakes

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Ecologically restored Ahar river

Soil Scape Filters

STP for Industry - the Soil Scape Filter in action

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Sandeep Joshi

SERI’s Expertise: Sandeep Joshi

Environment Technologist

  • Director of Shrishti Eco-Research Institute (SERI) with formal education with environment sciences at graduation and post graduation levels, doctorate in environmental technologies for water and waste water treatment.
  • Expert on Integrated Lake Basin Management (ILBM), ecological restoration of polluted city rivers and lakes, ecosystem planning and designing
  • Author of Book - Environment Management for professionals, Businesses & Industries
  • Registered two patents on ecotechnological treatment systems for pollution control and one patent for air pollution control
  • Working in Environmental Assessment & Pollution Control from 22 years with earlier 4 years as bird watcher / nature lover. EIA co-ordinator/Impact Analyst from 16 – 17 years in various industrial and infrastructural projects
  • Pioneered ecotechnology through the research of about 18 years and field scale installations for domestic and industrial units ranging from 1 m3 to 300 MLD with quality of treated water nearing to 6 ppm BOD using vertical ecofiltration technique and worked on use of domestic effluents for the agriculture; lake and river restoration programmes
  • Invited by Planning Commission, Govt. of India to discuss the technologies for control of pollution of City Rivers & lakes.
  • Invited by Ministry of Environment & Forests to deliver key Note Address on “Invasive Species” in 12th world Lake conference held at Jaipur in 2007.
  • Invited by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and ILEC in 13th World Lake Conference in Nov. 2009 to present Ecotechnological solutions to restore the quality of polluted rivers and lakes.
  • Technical Assessor of National Accreditation board of Testing Laboratories (NABL) prime institution of Ministry of Science & technology from last 5 years to assess environmental testing laboratories all over India.
  • Trained ISO14001 Lead Auditor and Co-guide of Ph. D. students, and guide for research projects of post graduate students of science, engineering and architecture disciplines. Examiner for Ph. D. programmes, M. Arch & M.E. (Envt.), M. Sc. (Envt.).
  • Published / presented 92 research papers in various conferences, workshops, proceedings and journals
  • Chairman of Indian Environment Association, Pune Chapter
  • President of Indian Association of Aquatic Biologists (IAAB) Pune Chapter
  • Trustee & presides over environmental initiatives & activities of Jal-Dindi Pratisthan
  • Chief Advisor to develop City Environment Plan for Pune 2020 as citizens initiative by India Development Council



Sayali Joshi

SERI’s Expertise: Sayali Joshi

Chief Executive Officer

  • Total work experience of 16 years in the field of lab analysis, environmental analysis and monitoring through working some public testing and industrial laboratories
  • Involved in environmental monitoring and pollution control projects as microbiologist and resource person in SERI.
  • Completed recently preparation of one genetic engineering laboratory in lab quality systems as per ISO 17025:2005 as a master trainer in lab systems.
  • Post-graduation in microbiology from Pune University in 1994.
  • Conducted microbial bioassays for various disinfectant products to estimate the MIC and sterilization effects
  • Monitoring of surface and ground water for potability in various regions
  • Environmental Impact Assessments for a number of industrial projects. Was involved in sampling and analysis of water and soil and interpretation of the same with prediction of impacts of industrial activities on the environmental processes
  • Ecotechnological research work and field applications
  • Organized a number of quiz contests for the school and college students from 1995 onwards
  • Demonstrated hygienic and cleanliness techniques for the labour and women in various gatherings.
  • Organized and participated in various lab training programmes as a resource person for the industrial employees and graduate students
  • Guides a number of students for their research projects in environmental sciences and microbiology from various institutions like Pune University, Bharati Vidyapeeth, VSI and Fergusson College
  • Published and presented about 12 papers in various national and international conferences
  • Published about 4 popular science articles in Marathi dailies


· Indian Environment Association, Pune Chapter

· Water Forum of The Institution of Engineers, Pune Local chapter