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Aesthetic look of treatment system

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Bio diversity at one of the ecologically restored lakes

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Ecologically restored Ahar river

Soil Scape Filters

STP for Industry - the Soil Scape Filter in action

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SERI started in 1995 with an aim towards the clean environment with the help of natural technologies – Eco-technologies – to treat wastes. The major objective of SERI is to develop low-cost, efficient, indigenous technologies based on natural, ecological principles for river basin management. Since then, SERI has effectively and successfully employed pollution control technologies using ecotechnological principles to treat the pollution from point sources i.e. industries and residential areas and non-point sources like city drains. The capacity of the treatment systems ranged from 1 m3/day to 800000 m3/day (i.e. 800 MLD) in the last 15 years. Ecotechnological treatment systems of SERI have been employed to treat wastewaters containing textile dyes, cyanide and toxic metals also to a satisfactory level. SERI has worked on control of pollution and ecological designing of about 25 lakes all over India spanning Konkan, Western Maharashtra, Marathwada, Vidarbha, Andhra Pradesh, and Rajasthan. A successful designing of management plan for Pandharpur Lake has received state grant for restoration programme.


The innovative horizontal filtration system is a unique kind of system which SERI installed in 2003 with the help of College of Military Engineering, Pune, Clean River Committee, and Cummins Foundation. It has revolutionized the approach to treat the waste flowing through streams and rivers and control of lake pollution. Udaipur’s Ahar River Ecological Restoration Project (Rajasthan State, India) – the freshwater turtles, which had run away 20 years back due to pollution, came back within 63 days of completion of the restoration activity, which made No use of electricity or cement bags. Regarding Noyyal River at Tiruppur (Tamil Nadu state, India), the Detailed Project Report (DPR) and designs are ready and ground activities are to be commenced shortly. Now, the Planning Commission – Government of India and the Central Pollution Control Board along with the Ministry of Environment and Forests have recognized the potential of this zero-electricity treatment for non-point sources of pollution.

Patents have been registered in the name of Sandeep Joshi, Enviornment Technologist of SERI for –

  1. Green Bridge filter for non-point sources &
  2. Soil Scape filter for point sources of pollution
  3. Bioscrubbing system for cupola furnace air pollution control


SERI has been working on Environmental Clearances, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Environmental Audits since 1995. SERI has also developed EIA reports with DMP and EMP for industrial and infrastructure projects.

We has developed Comprehensive EIA report with DMP and EMP for every sub-component including roads, buildings, bus and truck terminuses etc. as a part of the Pune Redevelopment Project of Rs. 1000 crores – one of the prestigious works done recently.

SERI was unequivocally selected by the Hon. High Court, Mumbai and appointed to the Experts Committee to develop EIS with traffic studies, Carbon Footprint estimation, and Economic Rate of Return (ERR), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for a road project, proposed by the Pune Municipal Corporation, which is currently in dispute.

SERI is playing role of technical expert for different International projects.

Some of our International partners are -


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