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Aesthetic look of treatment system

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Bio diversity at one of the ecologically restored lakes

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Ecologically restored Ahar river

Soil Scape Filters

STP for Industry - the Soil Scape Filter in action

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  • We treated Bhosari nala passing through College of Military Engineering (CME), Pune (flow 70 MLD in 2003 in association with the Clean River Committee or CRC) - using Green Bridge technology (Project title – Sparkling Stream) in 2003 and many more projects are underway for world-renowned institutions. We have not only designed the systems but also guided the respective agencies for the treatment of Ambil and Sandvik strams in Pune, Waldhuni stream in Kalyan, Jayanti nala in Kolhapur and Paneri nala in Palghar.
  • Sandvik nala passing through Sandvik Asia Co., Pune (flow 20 MLD with CRC in 2004) and Ambil Odha, Pune City (flow 120 MLD with CRC, RAG-2005) - Entrusted by Mula - Mutha River Restoration Committee, River Action Group headed by INTACH, Pune Chapter in 2004-05, to design the systems for nala and river water purification (schemes for three nalas were designed).
  • Paneri nala, Palghar (flow 10 MLD, with Maharashtra Pollution Control Board or MPCB and PMA-2005), Waldhuni stream, Ulhasnagar, Kalyan (DPR, flow 128 MLD, with MPCB and local bodies in 2005), Jayanti nala, Kolhapur (DPR, cost estimations 30 MLD, MPCB, KMC, 2006), Kham River, Aurangabad (Feasibility studies, 40 MLD, MPCB and AMC) - these polluted streams in urban areas were delegated by MPCB to SERI for ecological restoration (2004-05).
  • Evaluated the application of ecotechnological treatment for the control of lake pollution for 4 different water bodies in Hyderabad for HUDA (2004). Lake resotration DPRs for Pandharpur (85 ha.)  and Katol funded by State MoEF and other 25 lakes in Maharashtra, Andhra, and Rajasthan were studied including Ra Cheru vu and Noor Mohammad Kuntha, in Hyderabad, Pushkar near Ajmer. Ujjani Resevoir (Catchment 14,500 sq. km) Concept Paper for International Lake Environment Committee (ILEC), Japan in 2010.
  • Developed DPR for CETPs in Chikalthana, Waluj and Shendre MIDCs of Aurangabad (2002).
  • As a trusted “Ecological Designer for eco-restoration of water bodies”, SERI is working on various projects including the prestigious project on Manikonda Lake, supported by WIPROCARE.
  • Excelled in treatment of textile wastewater having dyes and pigments using ecotechnological systems.
  • SERI with its associate GRIN, Pune
    --- Ecological restoration of Ahar River, Udaipur 2010.
    --- Worked on designing of Noyyal River restoration, for Valam NGO
    --- Khan River Ecological Restoration, Indore