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Aesthetic look of treatment system

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Bio diversity at one of the ecologically restored lakes

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Ecologically restored Ahar river

Soil Scape Filters

STP for Industry - the Soil Scape Filter in action

Shrishti Eco-Research Institute, Pune
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Shrishti Eco-Research Institute (SERI) is a pioneer in the Ecosystem approach and Ecotechnology for ecological restoration of polluted streams and lakes in the country. We have developed expertise for the treatment of sewage and industrial effluents through cost-effective and energy-efficient processes. The technologies developed by SERI are applicable to both point and non-point sources of water-pollution.

21 years of experience supported by our extensive research in this field has led us to develop tailor-made technologies which are sustainable and affordable, without the use of expensive machinery, electricity and skilled man-power. Developing and applying low-cost and effective ecotechnologies successfully, with the active participation of our clients, is our forté.

SERI works with a vision of engendering a Pollution-Free Environment and Habitat for the sustenance of humanity and life on the blue planet - Earth.